About Us

KapheeOrganic is a family based business who dedicate themselves to help others. By working in the coffee industry we have helped men and women who struggle daily. We make sure coffee prices are above fair trade so we can support trade and sustainability.

Mexico offers a wide variety of coffee flavors and aromas which make our Kaphees one of the best in the whole world.

This single origin specialty coffees are made with Typica, Bourbon and Mundo Novo.Certified by the following entities: Agro Eco, USDA Organic, Certimex and Fair Trade.

Veracruz Roast is produced on the Highlands of Veracruz, Mexico by 147 small scales families. Kaphee Organic Veracruz Roast is only touched by Women. As an honor to women who work growing, nurturing, harvesting and separating by hand this amazing single origin coffee and their efforts we have highlighted in PINK the signature Veracruz Roast on our packing.

Kaphee Organic Oaxaca Roast comes together by unifying the efforts of the 7 regions of Oaxaca, Mexico. USDA Organic certified and Fair Traded Kaphee. It is our missing to provide the children of our farmer with the right tools and transportation methods to attend school.

Our company is located in Florida, where we have our roasting, packing and shipping facility climate control. The company consist founders Jorge and Adolfo who's vision is to make the world aware of the escuisite flavors Mexican Kaphee has to offer.

Should you like to get in touch with us we can be reach at 305.549.4781 or by email at info@kapheeorganic.com

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